Casey Thompson, Artist

Casey is an aspiring portrait artist who has loved to draw since he was a young boy – drawing everything from cartoons to Marvel superheroes, there seemed to be an endless supply of inspiration for him.
Then, in his early teens, Casey found his love for portrait art.

Casey recalls, “I remember the first time I saw pictures of Michelangelo’s sculptures and paintings in school; I couldn’t believe the beauty and magic I was seeing in his work. The more I admired his works, the more I felt I had to try my own hand. I’m glad I did!”

Being a self-taught artist with no training or experience painting or sculpting, Casey worked diligently through trial and error to hone his skills into perfect duplications. The intricate detail and ability to capture the essence of the person he is drawing is astounding. He once said, “My goal as it turns out, is to make my drawing look as good, if not better, than the picture from which it is rendered.”

Along with people portraits, Casey is an avid animal lover and finds great joy in drawing family pets. “Aside from drawing people I find it utterly fulfilling to create a portrait of a pet, especially seeing or hearing of the reaction of the pet owner. As we all know, those furry friends are quite often thought of as extended children. What better way to add to the family portrait than having Marley the dog or Mittens the cat picture to be placed on your mantel?”